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The art students at Moody High School are involved with many projects, both in and outside of the art classrooms.We hope this site will help connect you to those projects you'd like to learn more about as well as sharing some of the activities our students have been involved in. Please visit this site often - we stay pretty busy!

Moody Art Club meets every other Thursday after school
Mural project continues.
MHS Featured artists at the Moody Public Library changes each month during the school year.
MHS students participate in Pinwheels for Peace each year.
Art department is also involved with Mr. & Miss MHS Pageant. The pageant will be held October 10th. Contact Mrs. Bishop for details.
Annual Spring Art Show & Band Concert

Moody Art Club.
Sponsors: April Bishop,Donna Turner
President-Evan Hawk
Vice President- Samantha Moorer
Secretary-Brittany Belter
Treasurer/Web Master- C.J. Isbell